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Multiple supply channels to meet customer demand for bulk ordersRich interface types, easy to integrate, can meet the OEM needs of system customersProducts cover a variety of high-speed, high-performance, low-cost products, which can meet the different needs of different customersFully self-developed, high performance SWIR ,low-light imaging, MWIR ,multi-spectral imaging and thermographic products comparable to those in Europe and the US
Shanghai Javol Vision Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Javol Vision Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise that integrates machine vision and artificial intelligence. Depending on multi-spectral and high sensitivity photoelectric sensor chip of advanced compound semiconductor materials, the deep learning AI algorithm is used as the engine to integrate low-light level night vision technology, infrared thermal imaging technology, short wave infrared technology and multi-spectral fusion technology, the company designs, develops and manufactures advanced imaging products and system solutions, which are widely used in machine vision, auto-pilot, UAV load, high-end manufacturing and medical diagnosis and other applications.

Our Products
  • PTD-300

    Powered by complete functions and interfaces

    standardized security interface design

    ONVIF compliant, easily access to the platform

    Impressive appearance, integrated structural design


    JC384 series shutterless LWIR thermal imaging core

    Small size, low weighted

    High resolution 384×288

    Low Power consumption<1.2W

    Real time video output, No frame loss


    JC640 series shutterless LWIR thermal imaging core

    High resolution 640x480

    Low Power consumption<1.2W

    Real time video output, No frame loss

    Small size, low weighted



    1280×1024 Resolution

    120dB wide dynamic range

    Excellent ability of target recognition

    High Sensitivity



    High Speed

    High Responsivity

    Low Noise

    Spectral Range 900nm to 1700nm


    J380 Series Dual-Sensor Rapid Temperature Screening

    Automatic temperature detection


    Multiple IR video mode

    Record and capture functions

Products and Technologies

JavolVision is dedicated to the research and development of the complete industry chain solutions from sensors and core to the integrated systems, which include a wide scope of products for varies of scenarios. Our main direction is focused on the FPA imaging core and components, the intelligent opto-electronic system solution based on multi-spectral and multi-range fusion imaging system. At present, our company has launched series of wide-spectrum camera; thermal imaging (LWIR) cores and cameras; and the SWIR core and cameras, as well as the system, which have been integrated into as the optoelectronic load. In the future, we will continue to develop new solutions and enrich the different models and functions that can be satisfied in different application scenarios; we will also enhance the AI and image augmentation algorithms, therefore to provide “user-friendly” products and applications for our valued customers.

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