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Shanghai Javol Vision Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise that integrates machine vision and artificial intelligence. Depending on multi-spectral and high sensitivity photoelectric sensor chip of advanced compound semiconductor materials, the deep learning AI algorithm is used as the engine to integrate low light level night vision technology, infrared thermal imaging technology, short wave infrared technology and multi-spectral fusion technology, our company designs, develops and manufactures advanced imaging products and system solutions, which are widely used in machine vision, auto-pilot, UAV load, high-end manufacturing and medical diagnosis and other applications.
frequently asked questions
How about the compatibility for your device

Camera housing are subsystems designed to allow integration into other systems.

Our thermal camera cores can be used in whole or subsystem form by an OEM in many applications. For example, thermal monocular, thermal binoculars, CCTV cameras.

Is it possible to install the equipment in the outdoor or ...

Due to the negative influence of the outdoor-temperature, the wind, the humidity on the thermal temperature measurement, the dual-sensor rapid body temperature thermal imaging camera is not suggested to install the equipment in the outdoor environment or the area opposite to the outdoor environment.

How long is your product warranty period?

The free warranty period for the product is one year, any special cases will be subject to concrete contract

What is the best distance between the camera and the measured object?

The distance between the camera and the measured object should be consistent with the distance between the camera and the black body.

What product certificates does your company have?

At present, all of our products have CE certificate , and we are also doing other related certification

How about your company's R&D capabilities?

Our company has a system R&D center, an Optical Environment Test Center, a Production Assembly and Debugging Center, and a Road Show Center. Our company has a total of 27 people, including 18 technical management and R&D personnel, so our company has independent research and development and independent production capabilities

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