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Basic Knowledge of Shortwave Infrared Imaging (SWIR) Technology

Basic Knowledge of Shortwave Infrared Imaging (SWIR) Technology

Issue Time:2021-07-28
the basic common sense of shortwave infrared imaging (SWIR) technology

Short-wave infrared imaging technology has important application value in military and civilian fields, because the short-wave infrared (SWIR) band has its own advantages, such as imaging through atmospheric smoke. The following is the basic common sense of shortwave infrared imaging (SWIR) technology.

Light in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) band is invisible to the human eye. The visible light spectrum extends from a wavelength of 0.4 microns (close to ultraviolet light, which is blue to the human eye) to 0.7 microns (dark red). Shortwave infrared light is reflected light, and its reflection from an object is very similar to visible light. Due to this reflective nature, short-wave infrared light will have shadows and contrasts on its images. Shortwave infrared camera images are as excellent as visible light images in terms of resolution and detail. However, the color of the shortwave infrared image is not the actual color. This can make the object easy to be identified, and at the same time it can constitute one of the tactical advantages of shortwave infrared, that is, object or individual identification.

There is another big advantage to using shortwave infrared at night. The atmospheric phenomenon called night sky radiance emits light 5 to 7 times stronger than starlight, and almost all of this light is in the short-wave infrared wavelength region. With short-wave infrared cameras, coupled with the nighttime illuminance often called night airglow, we can clearly monitor the matching target at night without moonlight, and share this image through the network, because other imaging devices do not Method to do this.

Thermal imagers are another type of camera with good detection capabilities. Although thermal imaging can detect warm objects in a cold background, short-wave infrared cameras can actually identify what the object is. That's because thermal imagers cannot provide the resolution and dynamic range that can be achieved with InGaAs short-wave infrared focal plane arrays.

Finally, shortwave infrared imaging technology has a major advantage that is incomparable with other technologies, that is, it can image through glass, which makes them useful in a variety of applications and industries. This capability also allows short-wave infrared cameras to be installed in a protective window, which will provide great flexibility when fixing the camera system on a potential platform.

In addition, the short-wave infrared(SWIR) camera produced by JAVOL makes good use of the characteristics of short-wave infrared imaging(SWIR) technology, and has the following advantages:

(1) High sensitivity

(2) High resolution

(3) It can be observed under the glow of the night sky

(4) Day and night imaging

(5) Concealed lighting

(6) Can see hidden lasers and beacons

(7) No need for low temperature refrigeration

(8) Conventional low-cost visible light lens can be used

(9) Small size

(10) Low power

Our SWIR camera has the advantages of fog-through imaging, multi-target tracking and high-speed imaging, and has been widely used in the field of security. If you want to learn more about shortwave infrared imaging technology after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed solutions.

As a professional manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging systems, we have accumulated rich experience in this field. We have a professional production team and a complete quality inspection system to conduct a full range of inspections and tests on the quality and performance of the products. And we will also provide corresponding customized services and effective solutions according to customer needs. If you are interested in our SWIR cameras, please contact us immediately!
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