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The Features of SWIR Imaging Camera Based on InGaAs Focal Plane

The Features of SWIR Imaging Camera Based on InGaAs Focal Plane

Issue Time:2021-08-02
the characteristics of SWIR imaging cameras based on the InGaAs focal plane

SWIR imaging technology fills the spectral gap between low-light-level night vision imaging and mid-wave infrared imaging and is of great significance for comprehensively acquiring target information using infrared wavelengths. And SWIR cameras using InGaAs focal plane sensors can be widely used in security monitoring and other important scenes. The following are the characteristics of SWIR imaging cameras based on the InGaAs focal plane.

The InGaAs focal plane array detector is a hybrid SWIR imaging device, which is formed by the flip-chip interconnection of an InGaAs detector array (PDA) and a CMOS readout circuit (ROIC). Focal plane device technology covers the fields of optoelectronics and microelectronics. The device structure is complex and the technology is difficult. It has high requirements for design, process, productization, and other technologies.
The standard response range of InGaAs focal plane array detectors is 0.9~1.7μm, the short-wave response can be extended to 0.4μm, the long-wave response can be extended to 2.6μm, which is the mainstream imaging device for obtaining target information from SWIRSWIR window, and SWIR imaging is widely used. Benefit from the mature development of the detector technology.
The SWIR imaging camera based on the InGaAs focal plane mainly has the following characteristics.

(1) High recognition

SWIR imaging is mainly based on the principle of target reflected light imaging. Its imaging features are similar to visible light grayscale images, with high imaging contrast and clear expression of target details. In terms of target recognition, SWIR imaging is an important supplement to thermal imaging technology.
(2) All-weather adaptation

SWIR imaging is less affected by atmospheric scattering, has a strong ability to penetrate fog, mist, and smoke, and has a long effective detection distance. The adaptability to climatic conditions and battlefield environments is significantly better than visible light imaging.
(3) Low light night vision

Under atmospheric glow night vision conditions, the photon irradiance is mainly distributed in the SWIR band range of 1.0 ~ 1.8 μm, which makes SWIR night vision imaging have significant innate advantages compared to visible light night vision imaging;
(4) Stealth active imaging

In the 0.9-1.7μm band, the military laser light source technology is mature (1.06μm, 1.55μm), which makes InGaAs focal plane imaging a significant contrast advantage in covert active imaging applications.
(5) Simple optical configuration

Optically, the glass light window has a high transmittance in the SWIR band, which gives SWIR imaging an important technical advantage. This allows SWIR cameras to be assembled in a protective window to achieve high-sensitivity imaging. This will provide great flexibility for a specific platform or occasion.

The SWIR cameras produced by JAVOL use the most advanced InGaAs sensors, which can recognize characters, patterns, and other objects (similar to visible light imaging characteristics). If you want to learn more about SWIR cameras after reading the above content, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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