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What Are the Applications of SWIR Cameras?

What Are the Applications of SWIR Cameras?

Issue Time:2021-09-13
what SWIR cameras can be used in
The infrared spectrum is divided into near-infrared (NIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR), mid-wave infrared (MWIR), and long-wave infrared (LWIR) bands. Imaging systems for security, defense, and surveillance applications rely heavily on the advantages of infrared spectroscopy.

Compared with MWIR and LWIR, SWIR has a shorter wavelength, its imaging features are more intuitive, and it can generate high-resolution images with stronger contrast. SWIR cameras can exert great advantages in the following applications.

(1) Short-wave infrared light accounts for about 40%-50% of solar energy. SWIR cameras can be used for solar panel inspection.

(2) Short-wave infrared has the characteristics of low loss and low dispersion in silica fiber transmission and can be used for optical communications and optical fiber remote detection.

(3) Water has a strong absorption peak in the short-wave infrared spectrum. SWIR cameras can be used for process gas moisture monitoring, food drying monitoring, agricultural product screening, crop growth monitoring, paper drying monitoring, pharmaceutical process drying monitoring, skin moisturizing detection Inspection, and safety inspection of aircraft (deicing).

(4) Shortwave infrared can analyze the waveband of human tissue epidermis and can be used for co-dimming tomography (OCT), early tooth inspection, skin beauty, etc.

(4) SWIR is in the human eye safety band and can be used for laser ranging, night coastal defense surveillance, secret surveillance, etc.

(5) Short-wave infrared can penetrate ink, but cannot penetrate carbon traces. It can be used for oil painting identification analysis, banknote identification, accident identification, etc.

(6) Shortwave infrared has high reflectivity on metal surfaces and can be used for remote measurement analysis.

(7) Compared with thermal imaging (medium and long-wave infrared), short-wave infrared can identify contours better and can be used for night coastal defense surveillance and secret surveillance.

(8) Short-wave infrared can see through silicon wafers at wavelengths above 1200nm and can be used in wafer defect inspection, ball-grid array, bonding inspection, MEMS packaging, wafer-level package, wafer-level optical Interconnect, optical communications, and other fields.

(9) SWIR camera is suitable for detecting atmospheric light and night gas glow and can be used for atmospheric analysis, passive night vision, Photo Dynamic Therapy, etc.

(10) SWIR camera can accurately analyze molecular components such as CH, NH, CO, and OH, and can be used for food, feed, pharmaceutical, blood analysis (sugar, oxygen content, pH, etc.), gas detection, Industrial pollution detection, process reaction monitoring, etc.

(11) Shortwave infrared does not need to be cooled like mid-to-far infrared and can be used for light night vision goggles.

(12) When SWIR camera is used for detection and analysis, it is non-destructive detection, which can be used for online component/moisture real-time monitoring, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, etc. And it does not produce waste and can be used for zero-pollution detection and zero-infection detection.

(13) The SWIR camera can monitor heat sources above 150°C and can be used for glass processing, steel smelting, and sludge heat treatment.

Short-wave infrared imaging technology fills the spectral gap between low-light night vision imaging and mid-wave infrared imaging and is of great significance for comprehensively acquiring target information using infrared wavelengths.

The SWIR imaging camera manufactured by JAVOL uses the latest advanced InGaAs sensor, which has the advantages of small size, lightweight, and low power consumption. If you want to learn more about SWIR cameras or get related services after reviewing the above, please feel free to contact us.

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