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The Principle And Use of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Principle And Use of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Issue Time:2021-09-21
the working principle and various uses of the infrared camera
The infrared thermal imaging camera uses an infrared detector and an optical imaging objective lens to receive the infrared radiation energy of the measured target, and reflects the distribution pattern on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector to obtain an infrared thermal image. This thermal image corresponds to the heat distribution field on the surface of the object. The following is the working principle and various uses of the infrared camera.

Working principle

Electromagnetic waves longer than 0.78 microns are outside the red of the visible light spectrum and are called infrared or infrared radiation. In nature, all objects can radiate infrared rays, so the infrared image formed by different thermal infrared rays can be obtained by measuring the infrared difference between the target itself and the background by using the detector.

The thermal image of the target is different from the visible light image of the target. It is not the visible light image that the human eye can see, but the surface temperature distribution image. Infrared thermal imaging prevents the human eye from directly seeing the surface temperature distribution and becomes a visible thermal image.

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero (-273°C) will continuously emit thermal infrared rays. Infrared (or thermal radiation) is the most widespread radiation in nature, and it also has two important characteristics:

(1) The amount of heat radiation energy of an object is directly related to the temperature of the surface of the object. This feature of thermal radiation allows people to use it to measure the temperature and analyze the thermal state of objects without contact, thereby providing an important detection method and diagnostic tool for industrial production, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

(2) The atmosphere, smoke, etc. absorb visible light and near-infrared rays, but are transparent to thermal infrared rays of 3 to 5 microns and 8 to 14 microns. Therefore, these two bands are called the "atmospheric window" of thermal infrared. Using these two windows, people can clearly observe the situation ahead in a completely dark night or on a battlefield filled with clouds. 

Because of this feature, thermal infrared imaging technology has provided advanced night vision equipment in the military, and equipped aircraft, ships and tanks with all-weather forward vision systems. These systems have played a very important role in modern warfare.

Various uses

1. Detect various electrical devices, and find hidden dangers such as loose or poor contact, unbalanced load, overload, and overheating. The potential effects that these hidden dangers may cause are arc, short circuit, burnout, and fire.

2. Detecting the transformer, it can be found that there is a loose joint, overheating of the bushing, poor contact (tap changer), overload, unbalanced three-phase load, and poor blockage of the cooling pipe. Its effects are arc, short circuit, burnout, and fire.

3. Detecting motors and generators can find hidden problems such as high bearing temperature, unbalanced load, short circuit or open circuit of windings, heat generation of carbon brushes, slip rings and collector rings, overload and overheating, and blockage of cooling pipelines.

This can cause the impact of the problematic bearing can cause damage to the iron core or winding coils. The carbon brush in question can damage the slip ring and the collector ring, thereby damaging the winding coil, and may also cause damage to the driving target.

4. It is also very effective for electrical equipment maintenance and inspection, roof leak detection, energy-saving inspection, environmental protection inspection, security and anti-theft, forest fire prevention, non-destructive inspection, quality control, medical inspection, etc.

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