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Why Are Hand-held Thermal Imaging Cameras So Popular in Industrial Inspections?

Why Are Hand-held Thermal Imaging Cameras So Popular in Industrial Inspections?

Issue Time:2021-11-04
the application of hand-held thermal imaging cameras in industrial inspection

Hand-held infrared thermal imaging cameras are in great demand in industrial inspections. The principle of the equipment is to convert the radiant energy of the infrared emitted by the object into an electrical signal. The magnitude of the infrared radiant energy corresponds to the temperature of the object itself, which is converted into an electrical signal. 

The hand-held infrared imaging camera is composed of the optical system, photodetector, signal amplifier, signal processing, display output, and other parts. Hand-held thermal imaging cameras are characterized by accurate detection, excellent calibration performance, support for WiFi transmission, and portability. Therefore, they are the most widely used in industrial fault detection and diagnosis.

There are mainly the following applications in the field of industrial testing

1. Testing of rotating machinery and equipment: motors, motor carbon brushes, bearings, couplings, pump valves, fan blades, gearboxes, gears, belts, diesel engines, air compressors, etc.

2. Electromechanical system detection: it can be used for new product research and development tests, large-scale electromechanical equipment temperature distribution detection, etc.

3. Product flow equipment testing: safety valves, pipelines, heat exchange equipment, cooling towers, barrel troughs, ball troughs, dryers, dryers, coolers, etc.

4. Metallurgical system detection: used for large-scale blast furnace material temperature measurement, hot blast furnace damage diagnosis and detection, etc., blast furnace steel forming, etc.

5. Boiler reactor heating furnace inspection: furnace wall, furnace tube, chimney, exchanger, cement converter.

Advantages of hand-held infrared thermal imaging cameras in industrial applications

Traditional industrial thermometers can only be used in simple scenarios, and some detection and diagnosis can only troubleshoot fault points based on the experience of the master. Many industrial machines operate without interruption and are expensive.

Using traditional contact thermometers, there will be large errors due to changes in the tightness of the contact point and positional movement, and the measured data is even much lower than the actual one. The traditional temperature measurement method can only measure the average temperature of a certain point or a certain target, and cannot reflect the temperature difference and distribution of various parts of the machine as a whole.

The hand-held infrared thermal imaging camera can not only measure the temperature of every point on the entire device but also shield the modulator interference signal. The thermal signal is displayed on the display of the infrared thermal imaging camera, which is intuitive and convenient, with higher efficiency.

The thermal image and temperature value can be analyzed in 0.5 seconds. If the temperature is abnormal, the alarm will be activated immediately, and compared with the automatic detector, the hand-held application is more flexible and the price cost is relatively low.

Therefore, the advantages of hand-held infrared thermal imaging cameras in industrial applications are leaps and bounds, fast, intuitive, and accurate search for hotspots, taking photos, videos, and voice functions into account to record the heating process in the measurement area, which can conveniently and efficiently improve work efficiency.

The hand-held infrared thermal imaging camera manufactured by JAVOL uses 256×192 infrared detectors, which is a thermal imaging product based on the principle of thermal imaging. It can effectively detect temperature changes, accurately detect high-temperature targets in the environment, help personnel troubleshoot faults and ensure safety. If you want to know more about the infrared camera after reading the above content. As an expert in infrared thermal imaging systems for many years, JAVOL is happy to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

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