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How Does Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology Build a Smart and Safe City?

How Does Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology Build a Smart and Safe City?

Issue Time:2022/02/28
 the specific application of infrared thermal imaging technology in building a smart and safe city

As a typical product of passive infrared technology, infrared thermal imaging technology uses infrared technology to receive the thermal radiation energy of an object and display it in the form of an image in the form of a temperature field. To be precise, the technology applied in the security field should be called passive infrared thermal imaging technology, or infrared thermal imaging technology for short.

The basic principle of infrared thermal imaging is that the infrared optical lens focuses the infrared radiation emitted by the distant target on a highly sensitive infrared detector, and the detector converts the infrared radiation into electrical signals.

Since thermal imaging cameras have covert detection capabilities, since there is no need for light, the expense of creating visible light is eliminated, and intruders can't even know they're being watched.

Moreover, it can work continuously through severe conditions such as smoke, fog, rain, and smoke clouds, with a visual distance of several kilometers. It is very suitable for border patrol, violence defense, night reconnaissance, industrial security, equipment security, dock port security, commercial security, and other fields.

In recent years, due to the increasing demand for the performance of security systems, the demand and market prospects of thermal imaging cameras in the domestic security field are still relatively broad. Next, let's take a look at the specific applications of infrared thermal imaging technology in building a smart and safe city.

First of all, the dependence of smart and safe cities on monitoring will reach a new height. Traditional visible light cameras rely on natural or ambient light for camera monitoring, which is difficult to meet the all-around and all-weather image information needs of smart cities, while thermal imaging cameras do not require any light.

The advantages of clear imaging by relying on the infrared heat energy radiated by the object itself will be further magnified, and the target can be clearly detected and found no matter day or night, truly realizing the 24-hour smooth operation of the smart city.

Secondly, infrared thermal imaging technology belongs to passive non-contact detection and identification, with good concealment, no electromagnetic interference, can accurately track thermal targets from a long distance, precise guidance, strong detection ability, long operating distance, and intuitively display the surface of the object. The temperature field is not affected by strong light and is widely used.

Furthermore, the integration of thermal imaging technology and many new technologies will also reach a new height and better serve the construction of smart cities. For example, the combination of thermal imaging and drones can be more widely used in disaster relief, catching criminals, power line patrols, scientific photography, industrial and agricultural production, etc.; combined with intelligent transportation, it can effectively relieve road traffic pressure, provide real-time road traffic information, and assist driverless cars to get on the road as soon as possible; it can also be more widely used in urban public place monitoring, effectively identifying hidden targets in dark light and shaded environments, and reducing the probability of public safety incidents.

The application of infrared night vision technology in the field of security has broken through the technical problems of night monitoring and truly realized 24-hour uninterrupted and all-weather monitoring applicable in various environments. The combination of thermal imaging cameras and security systems will surely become an indispensable helper for security systems and even the construction of safe cities.

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