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Four Functions of Dual-spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera

Four Functions of Dual-spectrum Thermal Imaging Camera

Jul 20,2022
Affected by the epidemic, thermal imaging cameras have become the focus of the public, and everyone is looking for corresponding equipment. A thermal imaging camera is a camera that displays by receiving infrared rays emitted by an object. It displays the temperature distribution on the surface of the object to be measured through colored pictures and finds abnormal temperature points based on small differences in temperature. Various thermal imaging cameras have their own magical powers and are widely used in various fields.

The thermal imaging camera, through its strong environmental adaptability and ultra-long detection distance, solves many problems that cannot be solved by visible light equipment, showing a new horizon for everyone. Due to the temperature-sensitive characteristics of thermal imaging equipment, when an object on the screen exceeds the set temperature threshold, an abnormal temperature alarm is triggered. It is used in monitoring projects that need to monitor temperatures, such as power temperature measurement, forest fire prevention, and maritime river channels.

Dual-spectrum thermal imaging camera, the specialty of thermal imaging cameras - it can receive infrared and visible light at the same time! Through the dual-spectrum thermal imager system, the on-site picture and the on-site temperature can be monitored at the same time, making the supervision clearer, more intuitive, and more convenient. It has functions such as video surveillance, temperature measurement, human body recognition, regional intrusion detection, and smoking detection.

Human body recognition function:

According to the human pixel grid comparison, it can automatically identify the situation of the personnel in the monitoring area. Compared with traditional visible light recognition, thermal imaging technology is less affected by changes in ambient light, and the recognition accuracy is higher. Widely used in mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring (substation inspection, belt conveyor inspection, etc.) industrial automation, high-voltage lines, and other occasions.

Temperature measurement function:

Perform temperature detection on key areas and feedback temperature information in real-time. When the temperature exceeds the set threshold, the linkage of other devices can be triggered.

Regional intrusion detection function:

The system will automatically detect the behavior of people or vehicles entering or leaving the designated warning area. The application scenario is generally regional security

Smoking detection function:

According to the real-time analysis of the intelligent recognition algorithm of the camera, the smoking behavior of the people on the screen is detected, and the platform and sound and light equipment can be combined to provide pop-up alarms and front-end voice alarms. It can be used in key fire prevention areas, office areas, and other non-smoking places.

The above introduces the four functions of dual-spectrum dual-spectrum thermal imaging cameras. If you want to buy infrared thermal imaging equipment, please contact us.

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