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What Are the Applications of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras in the Field of Construction?

What Are the Applications of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras in the Field of Construction?

Issue Time:2021/10/14
the main features of the handheld thermal imaging camera

With their simple and efficient detection methods, infrared thermal imaging cameras have gradually become powerful detection tools for engineers. Infrared thermal imaging cameras have excellent performance in the following applications in these architectural fields.

Defect detection of building structure to ensure building quality

Using thermal imaging cameras to detect and analyze building structural defects is a quick and effective method. A clear heat map can provide you with detailed building thermal information, and you can clearly find the building’s heat loss, humidity, and the state of building airtightness.

In addition, you may use this information to comprehensively evaluate the insulation effect of the building and check whether there are hidden defects in the building, and this information is provided by the infrared thermal imaging camera-non-destructive testing method!

Find the location of roof leaks

Finding roof leaks is a typical application of infrared thermal imaging cameras in building inspections. Buildings that have been built for a long time have experienced sun, rain, and atmospheric erosion.

Buildings are easily damaged, and their damage will lead to their thermal insulation or heat preservation effect, and cause rainwater leakage and other problems: serious conditions will affect people's living. With excellent potential sensitivity, infrared thermal imaging cameras can clearly display subtle temperature differences, find and locate leaks, and ensure building quality.

Building energy consumption assessment

In building inspection, the infrared inspection method is an ideal measurement method for rapid building energy consumption assessment. Infrared thermal imaging cameras have excellent thermal sensitivity and provide clear infrared images to analyze the lack of insulation of buildings, defects in cold and hot bridges, etc.

An infrared thermal imaging camera can fully reflect the building energy loss caused by external walls or doors and windows, the radiator status, and the detection of the external wall status of the building. An infrared thermal imaging camera can provide a high-definition heat map, which is an ideal tool for inspection and maintenance of building exterior walls.

Check the installation and operation of the heating system

Infrared thermal imaging cameras can provide intuitive and fast operation, and can quickly and safely detect the installation and operating status of the air conditioning and ventilation system.

An infrared thermal imaging camera can clearly show the distribution status of the temperature field, can find abnormal temperature distribution at a glance and can be used for operation evaluation of air conditioning and ventilation system. In addition, thermal imaging cameras provide the easiest way to detect the presence of siltation and blockage of the radiator.

Check and measure the operation status of the solar energy system

The purpose of checking and measuring the operating conditions of the solar energy system is to ensure the safe and effective operation of the system. The solar energy system runs entirely on sunlight.

A defective light sensing unit will not only damage the performance of the system but also cause system failures, resulting in a large amount of heat energy and potential fire failures. Thermal imaging cameras are used for solar system inspections. Early detection of potential fire risks and hidden troubles affecting the operation of the system, and ensure the safety of personnel.

Pipeline inspection, whether there are leaks and cracks

The usual way to troubleshoot the pipeline is to uncover the entire wall or the ground and conduct a thorough inspection without a target. This is a method of staggering destruction and extremely costly.

Infrared thermal imaging cameras can provide non-destructive testing, a targeted testing method, minimize damage and save costs. For example: to detect the leakage of water pipes in the ground aid system, the infrared thermal imaging camera uses the principle of heat transfer to measure the heat distribution state of the ground surface, and can accurately locate the leakage point and repair it: there is no need to damage the non-faulty parts to make the repair more efficiency.

Moisture leak detection

In a building, it is not only the rupture of the water pipe that causes the wall to be wet. The structure of the building can be damaged by atmospheric erosion. These defective structures are likely to cause rainwater leakage problems. If the accumulated water cannot be dried in time, then Moisture will accumulate in the wall.

The thermal imager can clearly image the distribution of humidity on the surface of the building, find high-humidity dangerous areas, and perform cause investigation to avoid damage to a larger area.

The handheld infrared thermal imaging camera designed and produced by JAVOL has clear imaging, long battery life, multiple alarms, and other functions, which can effectively detect temperature changes. If you want to know more about infrared cameras after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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