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Application of Short-wave Infrared Camera in Near-infrared Two-zone Fluorescence Imaging

Application of Short-wave Infrared Camera in Near-infrared Two-zone Fluorescence Imaging

Issue Time:2021-11-18

Compared with traditional biological window imaging, near-infrared two-region (NIR-II, 1000~1700nm) biological imaging has become the focus of current scientific research. Visible light (400-750nm) and near-infrared (NIR I, 750-900nm) fluorescence imaging technology, due to the short emission wavelength, cannot well inhibit the scattering of photons in biological tissues.

The longer wavelengths emitted by the near-infrared zone can better avoid background interference such as tissue autofluorescence and photon scattering, making the penetration deeper and having higher temporal and spatial resolution.

Short-wave infrared cameras have excellent detection performance at 900-1700nm, and a variety of sensitive short-wave cameras can be widely used in various near-infrared two-zone imaging applications. The following is a detailed introduction to the specific applications of short-wave infrared cameras.
Figure 1. Schematic diagram of macroscopic live imaging in the near-infrared two-zone
           Figure 2. Intravenous injection of near-infrared two-zone fluorescent dye
As shown in the figure above, inject the near-infrared two-zone fluorescent dye into the mouse and select the suitable optical imaging lens. Although the wavelength emitted by the second zone of the near-infrared is longer, it can avoid tissue autofluorescence and photon scattering, and other background interference, making the penetration depth deeper, but the emitted fluorescence is still at a low light level, and it is necessary to use a deep-cooled short-wave infrared camera for imaging probe.

Driven by near-infrared zone II bioimaging technology, near-infrared zone two fluorescent probe materials have also developed rapidly. Materials such as carbon nanotubes, fluorescent quantum dots, rare earth metals, conjugated polymers, and small molecules that exhibit excellent fluorescent properties in the near-infrared second region have emerged.

They can be roughly divided into three categories: inorganic nanomaterials, NIR-Ⅱ zone dyes based on conjugated polymers, and NIR-Ⅱ zone dyes based on organic small molecules; these materials not only provide imaging for near-infrared two-zone biological imaging conditions, but it also has good application prospects in photothermal and photodynamic therapy, drug delivery and surgery.
                         Figure 3. Infrared two-zone fluorescence reagent imaging

In the preliminary study of preparing near-infrared two-zone fluorescent probes, deep-cooled short-wave infrared cameras have also played a huge role. Most of these fluorescent probes have a wavelength above 1200nm, and conventional cameras cannot detect the luminescence of reagents.

The application of JAVOL shortwave camera products will strongly promote the advancement of scientific research in life sciences, astronomical observations, EMMI systems, quantum dot imaging, fluorescence imaging, and other fields.

Product advantages

1.640×512 resolution, 15 µm pixels

2. High sensitivity: 0.9-1.7 µm

3. CDS noise reduction function

4. Optional 14-bit Camera Link video output

5. Anti-shock/vibration design

6.AI intelligent image processing, laser spot detection, automatic target detection

7. Support HDR/AGC/DDE image processing algorithm

Application direction

1. Fluorescence imaging

2. NIR-II near-infrared imaging

3. Hyper/hyperspectral imaging

4. Single oxygen molecule imaging

5. Astronomical observation

6. Quantum dot imaging

7. Semiconductor failure analysis
8. EL/PL (Photoluminescence/Electroluminescence)

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