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Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras in Security Monitoring

Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras in Security Monitoring

Issue Time:2021-08-09
the uses of infrared thermal imaging cameras in the field of security monitoring

With the continuous improvement of society’s requirements for security monitoring, the drawbacks of analog monitoring have become increasingly prominent. In this case, as the front-end equipment of security monitoring, infrared thermal imaging cameras have high-definition, networked, and intelligent functions. The field has been widely used. The following are the uses of infrared thermal imaging cameras in the field of security monitoring.

Fire detection

The traditional visible light video pyrotechnics detection is to identify the dense smoke produced by the flame burning and give an alarm by establishing a background model. This method is greatly affected by external factors. Ordinary clouds, smoke, dust, and even slight defocusing of the picture may cause false alarms. 

In addition, since it is necessary to establish a background model to identify dense smoke, the reaction time is relatively slow. The infrared thermal imaging cameras detect the difference between the temperature at the ignition point and the surrounding temperature and output an alarm signal when the difference exceeds the threshold, so the accuracy rate is relatively higher.

Intelligent analysis 

The visible light intelligent algorithm is transplanted to the thermal imaging image processing, and organically integrated with the unique temperature algorithm of thermal imaging. Using thermal imaging to be more sensitive to target recognition, realize high-precision intelligent analysis function, which can effectively distinguish people, vehicles, and animals. It can continuously track each moving target. In addition, thermal imaging is more capable of resisting harsh environments, and the intelligent analysis function still has superior performance in poor lighting conditions or haze weather.

Temperature measurement 

The temperature measuring infrared thermal imaging cameras can accurately read the temperature of points, lines, and areas by setting the temperature measurement rules in the preset position. The temperature measurement range is generally within 200 meters. The temperature measurement range can reach -20°C to +550°C, and a very small temperature difference can be detected.

Based on their unique advantages, infrared thermal imaging cameras have a wide range of applications in the field of security monitoring and even various industries. For example, in the field of electric power, thermal imaging cameras can accurately measure the temperature online, and alarm based on the temperature range or temperature trend rules. In addition, infrared thermal imaging cameras are also widely used in energy fields such as oil fields, chemicals, and coal mines.

Because the infrared thermal imaging cameras have a strong monitoring ability under night conditions without light, it can accurately identify hidden targets, and it has a very strong ability to penetrate harsh conditions such as haze, rain, snow, and smoke. It can be said that there is a huge market demand for infrared thermal imaging cameras. 

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