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Applications of Long Wave Infrared(LWIR)Imaging Technology

Applications of Long Wave Infrared(LWIR)Imaging Technology

Issue Time:2021-08-25
the main features of the handheld thermal imaging camera

Long-wave infrared (LWIR) imaging is also called thermal imaging. In recent decades, it has played a vital role in the field of national defense and security, because long-wave infrared can be used to detect any warm or living things that have nothing to do with ambient lighting objects. In addition to outstanding performance in security monitoring, long-wave infrared (LWIR) imaging technology also has unique advantages in the following applications.

(1) The long-wave infrared sensor can indicate where the object is and the degree to which the object emits thermal radiation. This feature provides two obvious advantages: long-wave infrared detection can be independent of external lighting conditions, and the sensor can easily identify any type of heating element. For a long time, this important advantage of long-wave infrared has become a key technology in modern warfare.

(2) Other applications of long-wave infrared technology also include pure imaging applications, which only depend on the visibility of heat distribution, and radiometric applications. This relies on a specially calibrated long-wave infrared camera to obtain the absolute temperature of the objects in the scene. In some measurement scenarios, information about the surface finish of the object must be known, because this determines how much radiation the object can reflect or absorb.

(3) There are many thermal imaging applications based on pure images, and the number will continue to grow. Hot spot location, detection of water presence, and detection of insulation fracture in printed circuit board manufacturing have become the most extensive uses of long-wave infrared imaging. For decades, these types of testing equipment have been widely used commercially. In addition to the above-mentioned wide-ranging applications, there are two uncommon applications that are glue drop inspection and leather inspection.

(4) The radiation measurement application of long-wave infrared imaging has become an important detection method in industries such as food and material processing because the application can provide long-distance and non-contact temperature measurement capabilities for objects of any shape at random locations. This advantage enables a larger detection range in process control and reduces production loss.

Whether through direct observation of heat distribution, indirect observation of heat changes, or absolute temperature measurement, long-wave infrared (LWIR) cameras will occupy an important place in future automated inspections. When the visible light cannot provide detection or the nature of the inspected target is special, the infrared thermal imaging camera produced by JAVOL provides an effective and convenient choice.

As the price and volume of these thermal imaging devices continue to decline, they have become an important player in the machine vision market in the near future. If you want to know more about long-wave infrared imaging technology after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

As a professional manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging systems, we have accumulated rich experience in the design and production of reformed fields. We have a professional production team and a kind of quality inspection system, which can control the quality of products in all aspects. At the same time, we will provide thoughtful one-stop service and effective solution technology according to the actual needs of customers. If you are interested in our long-wave infrared thermal imaging camera, please contact us immediately!
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